Branding work for a warehouse logistics and services called Stable Logistics Solution SLS.
The Logo represent some kind of stability in a boxy shape with sense of grid alignment and order which reelect the planning part.
All element where an abstract representation of the company field of work from, Handling equipment to warehouse planning and storing systems.
Stable Logistic Solution company. We give logistic solutions for companies to improve the process of transportation and storage of products. We introduce integral solutions by studying and analyzing the storage and transportation techniques in company.

Warehouse storage designs and solutions is the main focus, fitting the transmission and storage procedures to satisfy the clients' needs

A Warehouse storage system and solutions
Handling Equipment  -  Warehouse Planning  -  Storage Systems

• To be a part of the logistic processing of every product in the market.
• To provide integral solutions for clients to improve the efficiency of logistic activities
• To develop integral logistic solutions through innovating, designing, consulting and producing logistic tools.
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