University of Pennsylvania, School of Design
Geometric Structural Design, Fall 2017

Team: Musab Badahdah, Ryan Barnette

Instructor: Masoud Akberzadeh

Polyhedral Structures Laboratory
Geometric Structural Design is novel geometric methods of structural design based on 2D and 3D graphical statics. The primary emphasis of the course is developing general understanding of the relationship between structural forms in equilibrium and the geometric representation of their internal and external forces. This link is the main apparatus for designing provocative structural forms using only geometric techniques rather than complicated algebraic methods. Moreover, special consideration is given for materialization and proper fabrication techniques to construct the complex geometry of the structure. This course is based on ongoing research in the field of 3D graphical statics, and therefore provide students with the opportunity to directly contribute to the current research. Familiarity with a parametric software is required, and code-writing ability is an asset. The outcomes of the course will become a primary collection of Polyhedral Structures Laboratory.
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