University of Pennsylvania, School of Design
Function of Fashion in Architecture, Spring 2017
Team: Musab Badahdah, Benita Trenk
Instructor: Danielle Willems
The focus of the course was on the relevance of garment design, methods and techniques and their potential to redefine current architecture elements such as envelope, structure, seams, tectonics and details. The functional, tectonic and structural properties of garment design was explored as generative platforms to conceptualize very specific architectural elements.

The ancient technique of pleat in garments was the field of exploration and study. Rotating a pleated fabric 90 degrees from it’s original position provides a distinguished edge with systematic linear pattern in which it was developed to it’s maximum potential. Working with this geometric pattern with simple procedure of extrusion, seam lines and contours. The dress was printed in multiple pieces and connected through cable system inspired by the traditional sewing technique. The system was developed entirely from scratch for this dress and later on to architectural utilization and function. Although, the dress retains all the quality of bending, flexibility and curvature.

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