Musab Badahdah

I am  an architect and experiential designer based in Jeddah. My curiosity and experimentation shaped my interests in design and creative industry.

At the age of 17, I started experimenting with photoshop visualizing some ideas. As I was exploring around, I got to understand graphic design, illustrations and visual arts. Which led me to further question of how these designs could be animated? This was my first attempt in motion pictures and visual effects in 2007. Photography and filming came a long the way from the very beginning  as a window of imagination and learning. Throughout these years of experimenting, I attended several online and professional courses and training.

Architecture school empowers my knowledge and gave me some space to experiment and challenge myself. In architecture school, many questions were answered about design, techniques, theory, history of art & architecture, construction, materials and modeling.

As a result of these experimentation for Ten years and quality produced works, I had my work displayed in numerous occasions and has spoken at professional and social events of TEDx and Behance. It also led me to collaborations with major companies and institutes such as:

. Stable Logistic Solutions (SLS) –
. Fourth Dimension –
. Us to U.S. of Saudi Cultural Mission in the U.S. –
. Mawhiba  for Giftedness and Creativity

. King Fahd University
. Saudi Aramco

. Onsor Moshi, Visual Production
. Us to U.S. Organisation
. Tam Development LLC

. TEDx Dhahran
. Behance Portfolio Reviews